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Science Exercise Unit 4 Food Preservation

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Science Exercise Unit 4 Food Preservation

Post  Anderson on Sat Oct 09, 2010 1:36 pm

1) Which of the following conditions are the most suitable for microorganisms to grow in?
A Hot and dry
B Damp and warm
C Wet and hot
D Cold and warm

2) Which of the following are the characteristics of spoilt food?
I Has a bad smell
II Mouldy
III Oily
IV Has a changed colour
A I and II only
B II and IV only
C I, II and IV only
D II, III and IV only

3) What will happen if we eat spoilt food?
A We will faint instantly
B We can get food poisoning
C Our growth can be retarded
D The body becomes smelly

4) Food preservation is a process by which…
A microorganisms are killed
B food is treated so that it will keep longer
C microorganisms are removed from food
D food is made more tasty

5) The following information shows examples of organisms
K - Fungi
L - Cockroach
M - Fly
N - Bacteria
Which of the organisms causes food spoilage?
A K and M
B K and N
C L and M
D L and N

6) Fiona puts a bowl of curry on a table. After two days, the curry was spoilt.
What is the causes of the spoilage?
A The curry is exposed to air
B The curry has cooled down
C The curry was not cooked properly
D The curry underwent a bacterial reaction.

7) Bread will last longer if
A exposed to air
B wrapped in paper
C kept in refrigerator
D kept in a dark place

8 ) Which of the following pairs shows the food substance with its method of preservation correctly?
---------Food--------Preservation method
I-------- Cabbage---------Salting
A I and II only
B III and IV only
C I, II and III only
D II, III and IV only

9) Which of the following is the importance of food preservation?
I Prevents wastage of food
II Enables food to be kept much longer
III Enables the distribution of food to the needy
A I and II only
B I and III only
C II and III only
D I, II and III

10) Below shows the steps of method K
1.Fruits cut -----2.Mixed with salt-----3.Washed and dried-----4.Put into saturated sugar solution
What is method K?
A Salting
B Drying
C Pickling
D Canning

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