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Living Things Have Basic Needs & Undergo Life Processes

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Living Things Have Basic Needs & Undergo Life Processes

Post  yying98 on Thu Sep 16, 2010 2:57 pm

Exercise 1:

1 What will happen if humans do not drink?
A Starving
B Thirsty
C Hungry
D Choking

2 Study the information below.
Sunlight, water, air
Which of the following has the above basic needs?
A Daisy Plant
B Tiger
C Pencil
D Rabbit

3 Study theinformation below.

If can be found in a village
The root is made of palm leaves of zinc
The wall is made of stilt or wood.
What type of house does the above information refer to?
A Condominium
B Flat
C Terrace house
D Hut

4 Which of thefollowing objects need water to stay alive?
S-Cat T-Grass U-Doll V-Baby girl
A S and T only
B U and V only
C S, T and V only
D T, U and V only

5 What do animalsneed to breathe?
A Food B Sun C Air D Water


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